The upgraded portable door lock shown in the pic fits two different size door frames.


Yes, it’s so lightweight and small that you can carry hotel door locks anywhere.

Yes, this portable door lock from inside prevents the door from opening on its own by using a steel plate that the red piece slides into, forcing the door shut.

AceMining portable door lock wouldn’t work. When the door starts to open, this tool physically stops the door from opening. So you would need to install it on the *outside* of the door to stop it from opening, which would defeat the purpose because anyone could “disable” it.

Yes, AceMining portable door lock will come off very quickly in case of an emergency. As you use the lock more and more, your hand gets used to undoing it, and you could do it in the dark.


The hotel is a basic deadbolt, which this portable door lock works on. AceMining travel door lock has two sizes, one large and one small, so this would work fine with a hotel door.



1500 Units AceMining Adjustable Door Security Bar For Upgraded Door Sliding Door Window

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Rechargeable Self Defense Keychain Alarm for Women Kids Elderly and Joggers

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AceMining Secure Door Locks Mother’s Day Gift Box

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AceMining Portable Door Lock Travel Locks for Security And Privacy – Limited For Mother’s Day

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