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What is the best door stop alarm?

AceMining door stop alarm

A door stop alarm is standard home security equipment. It can be placed at the bottom of the security door through a door stopper or door plug to prevent the door from being broken into or opened. But, among the many door stop alarms, which is the best choice? This article will introduce the features and benefits of door stop alarms, discuss why you should choose a door stop alarm and its effectiveness, and select the most popular and highest-rated door stop alarms to provide a purchase reference.

what is the door stop alarm

What is the best door stop alarm?

The selection of the best access alarm requires consideration of several factors, such as features, price, ease of use, and more. According to market feedback and professional reviews, the best door stop alarm should have the following features:

1. Reliable brand and quality: It should come from a well-known brand with reliable quality, a good reputation, and customer reviews.

2. Multiple functions: Besides audible alarms, it should also have features such as LED indicators, remote control, wireless sensors, etc., to improve access control security.

3. Sensitivity adjustment: The best access control alarms should have adjustable sensitivity to adapt to different door usage and environmental changes.

4. Easy to install: Installation should be simple and does not require professional skills.

5. Long life: the battery life of the door stop alarm should be long enough that it does not need to be replaced frequently.

6. Reasonable price: The price should be reasonable, in line with its quality and functionality.

Are door stop alarms effective?

Door stop alarms are very effective in preventing intrusions and improving home security. This device triggers a high-decibel sound to alert users and neighbors, thus preventing intruders from entering the home. Also, door stop alarms increase the stability of doors and prevent them from being pried open or vandalized. These features make the door stop alarms essential to home security, especially in homes where people live alone, during extended business trips, or on vacation.

However, door stop alarms are not infallible. Suppose an intruder carries tools that can easily bypass a door stop alarm. In that case, the usefulness of such a device is diminished. Therefore, it is essential to choose a high-quality, reliable door alarm.

6 Best rated door stop alarms of 2023

The following are three of the highest rated door stop alarms on the web, all of which have received high user ratings and professional recommendations in the market:

1. SABRE Wedge Door Stop Alarm: This door stop alarm combines the functions of both a door stop and an alarm with a built-in 120dB alarm, which is perfect for placing under the door and can effectively prevent the door from being pried or opened. It is compact, easy to install, suitable for home, travel, and other scenarios, and the price is affordable.

2. Doberman Security Portable Door Stop Alarm with Flash Light: This door alarm has a burglar alarm function and a high-brightness flashlight, making the alarm more conspicuous and attention-grabbing. Its compact size is ideal for travel, apartments, and other scenarios, and the price is affordable.

3. Wsdcam Door and Window Alarm: This door stop alarm uses magnetic sensing technology to detect doors and windows’ opening and closing status automatically. Once the door or window is opened, it will automatically trigger the alarm. It is compact, easy to install, suitable for home, office, and other scenarios, and the price is affordable.

4. GE Personal Security Alarm Kit: This door stop alarm is a kit that contains three devices: a door stop alarm, a window alarm, and a personal alarm, which is perfect for home use. And, with a sound of up to 120 decibels, it can draw attention and deter intruders.

5. SABRE HS-DSA Wedge Door Stop Alarm: This door stop alarm has a superb anti-slip design that prevents the door stop from sliding and a built-in high-quality sensor that quickly detects the door’s status and triggers the alarm. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and perfect for travel.

6.AceMining Door Stop Alarm: This door stop alarm is a multi-functional door stop alarm with adjustable sensitivity and multiple alarm methods, such as sound, LED indicator, vibration alarm, etc. It can be used with wireless sensors, easy installation, long battery life, and a reasonable price.

best door stop alarm of 2023

How to stop the alarm from beeping when the door opens?

To stop the alarm from beeping when the door is opened, you can consider several methods:

1. Set a delay function – Some door stop alarms have a delay function that allows the alarm to be triggered after the door has been opened for some time. This will give you enough time to enter the code, use the remote control, or cancel the alarm.

Turn off the alarm manually: If you have multiple family members or need to let visitors into your home, you can avoid sounding the alarm manually. However, this requires you to keep an eye on the status of the warning and turn it off promptly. Otherwise, you will not be alerted if an intruder enters.

3. Use a wireless remote control – Some access control alarms are equipped with a wireless remote control, which allows you to control the alarm on and off by remote control. This is very convenient, especially if you need to enter and exit your home frequently.

4. Adjust the volume or turn off the sound – Some door stop alarms can adjust or turn off the sound, so you can set it yourself as needed.

How do I change the battery in my Sabre door stop alarm?

The exact steps for replacing an access alarm battery may vary by brand and model. Still, the following basic steps are usually followed:

1. Open the alarm’s housing – Most access control alarms have the battery installed inside the housing. You will need to remove the housing to access the battery. Usually, you can easily open the housing with a screwdriver or other tool. Still, before doing so, you need to turn off the alarm.

2. Remove the old battery – You can see the battery inside the alarm after opening the housing. When removing the batteries, you need to do it in the correct order according to the polarity. Usually, the positive and negative poles at the bottom of the battery will be marked with symbols, making it easier to replace the batteries.

3. Insert a new battery – After removing the old one, you can insert a new one. Please ensure that the battery type, size, and voltage you choose are precisely the same as your original battery.

4. Close the alarm housing – After replacing the battery, you can reinstall the alarm housing. Before reinstalling the housing, ensure the batteries are inserted and installed correctly. Then you can turn the alarm on again to ensure it works properly.


Which is more effective for door stop?

Which access control is more effective depends on your specific needs and budget. The followings are some common types of access controllers and their advantages and disadvantages:

1. Traditional access control – A traditional access control is a mechanical lock that usually uses a key to unlock the door. This type of access control is relatively simple, reliable, and affordable. However, you must authorize more than one person to enter the house. In that case, you need to distribute many keys, which may increase management costs and the risk of lost and copied keys.

2. Electronic access control – Electronic access control uses passwords, fingerprints, remote controls, and other electronic devices to control access to the door. This access control is more secure but more convenient than traditional access control, with no need to carry keys, and can be flexible control authorization. However, electronic access control requires an electrical supply if the power failure may not work correctly.

3. Access control alarm – access control alarm can detect the opening and closing status of the door and send a notification when an abnormality is detected. This door-stop alarm can help you see potential intruders quickly and improve home security. However, door stop alarms are more costly and require some installation expertise.

How do I turn off the alarm on my door?

The exact steps for turning off the door stop alarm may vary from one door stop alarm make and model to another. However, the following are some general steps that may apply:

1. First, locate the control panel for the door stop alarm. It is usually located on the top or side of the door frame.

2. Find the alarm’s power switch, usually an on/off button or toggle switch.

3. Turn the power switch off, and the alarm will stop sounding.

Suppose you cannot locate the control panel or power switch. In that case, you should review the door stop alarm’s instruction manual or contact the installing company or manufacturer for more detailed instructions.


This article introduces door stop alarms, including what door stop alarms do, how to choose a door stop alarm, the highest-rated door stop alarms, how to stop the alarm from beeping when the door is open, and how to replace the batteries in a door stop alarm. In addition, common types of door-stop alarms and their advantages and disadvantages are described, and general steps are given to turn off the alarm on your door.

Please ask if you have any questions about door stop alarms or need further advice. We will do our best to help you solve your problem. Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for this article, please leave them in the comments section and share them with us.

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