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How to reinforce a door lock?

how to reinforce a door lock

In recent years, more and more residents have suffered from the threat of burglary in their homes. According to statistics, millions of burglaries occur each year across the country, a large percentage of which are due to door locks being cracked or pried open by hackers. These cases threaten residents’ property and safety and make people realize the necessity and importance of reinforcing door locks.

As the first line of defense for home security, the security of door locks is crucial. However, many homes have locks that hackers can easily crack or pry open. This is mainly because the design and manufacturing of door locks need to be more secure and are vulnerable to technical means of attack. Therefore, to improve the security of door locks, we need to take some measures to strengthen them.

Why should you reinforce a door lock?

Why should you reinforce a door lock?

Reinforced door locks improve home security and prevent lawbreakers from entering homes to commit burglaries, robberies, or other crimes by picking locks and cracking codes. And in the U.S., a large number of burglaries occur each year, not the least of which are cases of security breaches caused by inadequate door locks that have been hacked.

In 2018, a man used a lock-picking tool to enter a resident’s home and steal property. In 2019, a hacker successfully entered a house and stole property by cracking an intelligent door lock. The home’s smart door lock used an invalid code, and the hacker managed to enter the home in just a few minutes. 2020, a woman was broken into and attacked by a stranger in the middle of the night. After an investigation, police found that the woman’s door locks had been picked, and the wrongdoer could quickly enter the home to commit a crime.

These cases illustrate the importance of door lock security, which can pose a significant risk and threat to families if not reinforced. Therefore, reinforcing door locks is a measure that every family must pay attention to and take.

How to reinforce a door lock?

How to reinforce a door lock?

There are various ways to strengthen door locks. The following are some standard methods:

1. Replace high-security door locks: In the choice of door locks, use high-security products. For example, the use of anti-pry, anti-drill, anti-pry drill, anti-demolition, and other advanced mechanical or electronic locks technologies. These door locks have a high level of protection and can effectively prevent hacking attacks.

2. Add protective devices: add protective devices on the door lock, such as installing an anti-pry tongue, steel plate, anti-pry iron ring, door fixed lock, etc., which can increase the lock’s ability to resist damage and improve the security of the door lock.

3. Installation of door lock safe: door lock safe is a combination of door lock and safe together with the device, which can effectively enhance the security of the door lock to protect family property.

4. Enhance the pressure resistance of the door frame and door fan: the connection between the door frame and door fan with reinforcing bars, increase the number of hinges, etc., can effectively improve the overall strength of the door to prevent the door from being violently pried open.

5. Installation of door magnetic alarm: magnetic door alarm can immediately sound when the door lock is broken, or the door is pried open to remind residents of an abnormal situation at home.

What are common types of Door Reinforcers?

A door lock reinforcer is installed on a door to strengthen the lock’s security and increase the door’s burglary resistance. The following are some common types of door lock reinforcers:

1. Steel plate reinforcer: A steel plate reinforcer is installed on a door lock, usually made of steel, and installed on the back of the lock to prevent the lock from being pried open or drilled.

2. Anti-pry tongue: Anti-pry tongue is a reinforcer installed on the door frame, effectively preventing the door from being pried open. It is usually made of steel material, installed in the door frame tongue position, and used to control the door is pried open.

3. Anti-pry iron ring: the anti-pry iron ring is a reinforcement installed between the door lock and frame. It can increase the stability of the door lock and the ability to prevent theft. The anti-pry iron ring is usually made of iron, installed in the back of the door lock and the front of the door frame.

4. Steel cable reinforcer: A steel cable reinforcer is made of steel material, which can be installed between the door lock and the door frame to prevent the door from being pried open or drilled.

5. Door locks safe: A door lock is a device that combines and secures them together, which can effectively enhance the security of door locks and protect family property.

6. Door Reinforcement lock: A door reinforcement lock is a door lock reinforcer, also known as a door frame reinforcer. It is a metal device made of a unique material installed on the door frame, making the door lock more solid and challenging to be pried or destroy.

In short, different types of door lock stiffeners have their characteristics and advantages. Users can choose the right door lock stiffener according to their needs and situation. However, it is essential to note that properly selecting and installing door lock stiffeners is crucial, and improper installation may lead to safety hazards. You can ask a professional if you need to learn how to install it correctly.

How much do Door Reinforcers cost?

The price of door reinforcement locks in the United States varies depending on the brand, model, material, installation method, and other factors. Generally speaking, ordinary door lock stiffeners cost between $20 and $200. In contrast, some high-end, custom-made door lock stiffeners may cost more, even thousands of dollars. Door lock stiffeners are relatively inexpensive, but choosing the right product and price range is still necessary based on the actual situation and needs.

The followings are a few of the more well-known U.S. door reinforcement locks on the market and their price ranges:

1. Defender Security U 9496 Latch Guard Plate Cover – price is around $20-25.

2.Prime-Line U 10539 Lock and Door Reinforcer – the price is around $20-30.

3.Door Armor MAX Complete Door Reinforcement Set – Price is about $70-100.

4.StrikeMaster II Pro Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement – Price is around $50-$70.

5.Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade – Price is about 30-40 USD.

6. AceMining Door Reinforcement Lock – The price is about $15.

The above prices are for reference only. The price is related to the brand’s marketing activities and shipping costs.

How to reinforce a door frame?

The door frame is the supporting and fixed part of the door, and its stability and sturdiness impact the door’s security and burglary resistance. Therefore, it is also necessary to reinforce the door frame to strengthen the door. A door frame reinforcement kit is a special equipment used to reinforce the door frame, which can increase the door frame’s sturdiness and improve the door’s security and burglary resistance.

A jamb reinforcement kit usually consists of several metal plates and screws that can be installed in critical jamb areas, such as the jamb’s top, sides, and floor. Installing a jamb reinforcement kit requires drilling and installing screws, so specific tools and skills are needed.

The following are the general steps for installing a jamb reinforcement kit:

1. Clean the door frame: Clean the surface of the door frame using a cleaner and a brush to ensure the surface of the door frame is clean.

2. Install the reinforcement plate: Install the reinforcement plate of the door frame reinforcement kit on the critical parts of the door frame, such as the top, side, and floor of the door frame.

3. Drill holes: Use an electric drill to drill holes in the door frame to install screws into the frame.

4. Install the screws: Install the screws of the door frame reinforcement kit into the door frame to ensure that the door frame reinforcement plate is firmly fixed to the door frame.

5. Test the door frame’s stability: Check the door frame’s stability and ensure the door frame reinforcement kit has been firmly installed on the door frame.

It should be noted that the door frame reinforcement kit should be selected according to the type and size of the door frame. The situation should be considered comprehensively to choose the suitable door frame reinforcement kit for you.

How to secure the door from the outside?

Securing a door is not just about reinforcing the lock and frame from the inside. It is equally important to strengthen the door from the outside. Here are some ways you can protect your doors from the outside:

1. Install security lights: Installing outdoor security lights can increase the visibility of the door and reduce the likelihood of nighttime break-ins. Security lights can be set up to be auto-sensing and only come on when someone approaches.

2. Install doorbell and surveillance camera: Installing a doorbell and surveillance camera can help you keep track of the situation outside your door, identify strangers and reduce the risk of break-ins. Nowadays, there are many smart doorbells and surveillance cameras in the market. You can watch the situation outside the door anytime through your cell phone or computer.

3. Use security curtains or blinds: Installing security curtains or blinds can block the view of the inside doors and windows, reducing the visibility of criminals. In addition, these curtains and blinds can also increase the insulation performance of the door.

4. Use security door chains or bolts: Installing security doors or bolts can provide additional security when opening the door. These devices can be hung on the outside of the door to prevent the door from being pushed open with force.

5. Choose high-quality doors and frames: Choosing high-quality doors and frames can increase the durability and security of the door. Doors and frames should be made of sturdy, reliable materials and installed with the proper screws and retainers.


How do you reinforce a bedroom door?

The following measures can be taken to strengthen the bedroom door:

1. Replace high-quality door locks: choosing high-quality ones can increase the bedroom door’s security. You can choose double or door locks with complex mechanical structures, compared to ordinary single-lock door locks, which are more difficult to pry open or destroy.

2. Install door lock guard: door lock guard is a metal cover that can reinforce the door lock, which can protect the door lock from hammering, pry bar, or sawing. Installation of the door lock guard can increase the lock’s ability to resist strikes and improve the door’s security.

3. Add security door chain: Installing a security door chain can provide additional protection when opening the bedroom door. The door chain can prevent the door from being forced open, which can increase the security of the bedroom.

4. Install doorbell and surveillance camera: Installing a doorbell and surveillance camera can help you keep track of the situation outside the door, identify strangers and reduce the risk of a break-in.

5. Reinforce the door frame: The door frame is the supporting part of the door. It can be easily damaged if the door frame is not strong, even if the door lock and door are strong. A door frame reinforcement kit can be used to enhance the door frame’s resistance to increase the door’s security.

6. Install security doors: If the above measures are not enough, consider replacing the security doors. Security doors are usually made of high-strength metal or steel, more resistant to blows and fire, making them safer than ordinary doors.

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Reinforcing door locks and security is becoming increasingly important to keep your home safe. Various measures can be taken for bedroom door reinforcement, such as replacing high-quality locks, installing door lock guards, and adding security door chains. Also, security can be improved by installing doorbells and security cameras. In addition, reinforcing the door frame is equally important. It can be done using door frame reinforcement kits and deadbolt reinforcement plates to enhance the door’s ability to resist blows. Reinforced door security can improve the safety of a home and protect the family from unlawful acts such as burglary. You can consider these measures to secure your homes.

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