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How to lock hotel door with hanger?

AceMining portable door lock for hotel door

For people like me who love to travel, staying in a hotel is often the preferred option to ensure the safety of oneself and one’s belongings during the trip. However, even in high-end hotels, security risks still exist. One of the most common problems is the door lock. To increase the security of the door lock, some people choose to lock the door with a hanger, which is a simple and effective method. This article will introduce how to use a hanger to lock a hotel door and share how to lock a hotel door from the inside to ensure safety during the journey.

How to lock hotel door with hanger?

Why do hotel doors need to be locked more securely?

Why do hotel doors need to be locked more securely?
Why do hotel doors need to be locked more securely?

During the accommodation process, the security of the hotel door lock is a matter of concern for us. Whether it’s for business or leisure travel, security risks can arise. Here are some possible issues:

Firstly, the quality of hotel door locks varies. Although hotels regularly inspect and replace door locks, some hotels may need to pay more attention to the maintenance of door locks due to the high volume of guests, resulting in a lack of assurance of the quality of the door lock.

Secondly, improper maintenance of hotel rooms can lead to problems with the door lock. For example, improper maintenance of the room door may cause the door lock to malfunction or experience other issues, making the room insecure.

In addition, theft and robbery incidents are also essential aspects of hotel security issues. Although hotels invest a lot of effort and money in security measures, some criminals may still target hotel guests for theft and robbery.

Finally, we often want to protect our privacy aside from security issues. Because, in many cases, the butler or hotel staff also have keys, they may enter our room without permission in an emergency.

How to lock the hotel door with a hanger?

How to lock the hotel door with a hanger?

In the face of these security risks, locking hotel room doors can be a practical solution. A clothes hanger lock is simple, inexpensive, and convenient to increase room security and reduce travel safety risks. Here are the specific steps:

1. Prepare a metal clothes hanger. Using a metal clothes hanger is recommended because it is more sturdy and durable than a plastic clothes hanger, which can better protect the room’s security.

2. Bend the hanger into an “L” shape, making its two ends a right angle and a hook shape, respectively. This way, you can hang the hook on the inside doorknob of the room door, and the right angle can press against the door crack to prevent the door from being opened.

3. Hang the hanger’s hook on the room door handle, ensuring it is sturdy enough. Note that the hook must be placed inside the door handle to prevent the room door from being opened.

4. Insert the right-angle part of the hanger into the door crack until it tightly presses against the door crack. This step requires you to push the door hard so that the right-angle part of the hanger can be inserted deeper into the door crack.

5. Ensure that the hanger locks the door securely. You can gently push the door to test if the hanger is secure. If the hanger does not loosen, it has successfully locked the door.

How to lock the hotel door from the inside?

We have listed some simple, convenient, and effective methods to improve the security of hotel rooms. If you need something more secure, you can install locks on the interior doors of hotels or apartments. These locks are more secure, but they require installation.

Security Locks

latch locks & chain locks

Hotel rooms are usually equipped with security locks or other security devices, such as door locks, latch locks, chain locks, etc., which are typically located inside the room door or above the door frame. You can use these locks to lock the room door and increase the room’s security. This is a simple, low-cost, and effective method of locking the hotel room door from the inside.

Door Stopper

A door stopper is a small device installed between the door and the floor to prevent the door from opening from the outside.

Door Stop Alarm

AceMIning door stop alam
AceMining Door Stop Alarm

The door stop alarm is a great travel device that is only 6 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds, so it is easy to put in your suitcase or carry-on bag and won’t take up too much space. You install the door jam alarm at the bottom of the door, and when someone tries to open the door from the outside, it will emit a piercing alarm sound.

Portable Door Lock

AceMining portable door lock for hotel door
AceMining Portable Door Lock

The portable door lock is small, easy to install, and affordable. You need to place one on the door handle and turn it clockwise until it locks securely, providing extra protection for our stay.

Door Wedge

Door Wedge & door jammer & doorstop
Door Wedge & door jammer & doorstop

The door wedge is a standard anti-theft tool, usually made of rubber, plastic, or metal, and shaped like a wedge. The method of using the door wedge is straightforward. You need to insert the door wedge into the door gap until it is firmly jammed in the door, preventing the room door from being opened from the outside.

Door Interference Device

The door interference device is a convenient security device, especially in emergencies, which can quickly enhance the door’s security and protect your safety. However, it should be noted that the door interference device is only suitable for emergency use and cannot be used for long periods or as a substitute for the room’s original security lock.

Door Support Bracket

The door support bracket is a standard hotel door security device that is simple and convenient. You need to insert the door support bracket into the door gap, ensure that it is perpendicular to the ground, and then secure it to the floor to prevent the room door from being opened. It should be noted that when using the door support bracket, care should be taken to avoid it from sliding or moving to ensure the security of the room door.

Bedside Cabinet or Desk Chair

Use the bedside cabinet or chair next to the desk if your hotel room has none of the above options. Place these items in front of the door to provide an extra barrier. However, this method could be more secure, as anyone trying to enter can forcefully break through.

How to lock the hotel door from the outside?

Use your locking mechanism

Some people may bring small locks, such as padlocks or combination locks, that can be used to lock the hotel room door from the outside.

Use the “Do Not Disturb” sign

Most hotels provide a “Do Not Disturb” sign which can be hung on the door handle to avoid room cleaning services.

Call the front desk and explain your situation

The staff will help you lock your room from the outside. Be prepared for any potential issues, and let them know how long you plan to be out of the room so they can send room cleaning services if necessary.

How to secure a hotel door with a towel?

How to secure a hotel door with a towel?

The quickest way to add extra protection to a hotel room is to roll up a towel and jam it behind the door handle. This temporarily eliminates the physical gap behind the lever handle and keeps unwanted guests out. Ensure the towel is tightly pressed against the tip of the lever handle and the door.

How to secure a hotel door with an ironing board?

If you want to use an ironing board to block a hotel room door, you first need to find a board that fits the size of the door. Once you find a wooden board that can fit snugly against the door, you must support it correctly. The easiest way is to prop the board against the door and place heavy objects on top, such as suitcases. This will ensure the board stays in place and won’t move quickly.

Tips for choosing a hotel

When staying at a hotel, paying careful attention to your safety and hygiene while respecting other guests and hotel staff is essential. To ensure a good experience for yourself and others, consider the following points:

1. Hotel safety: Choose a safe and reliable hotel. Ensure that your room has a reliable lock and other safety devices. Take note of the hotel’s safety exits and evacuation routes when checking in.

2. Personal property safety: Take care of your valuables, such as your wallet, phone, and computer, and place them in the safe if possible.

3. Hygiene: Check the cleanliness of the room, including the bedding, bathroom, and drinking cups, to ensure that they are clean and avoid using items that have already been used.

4. Fees: Understand all fees, including room rates, service fees, and deposits, before booking a hotel, and ensure that you have enough funds to cover these costs.

5. Service quality: Pay attention to the hotel’s service quality, such as room cleaning and front desk service, and seek help when needed.

6. Social etiquette: Maintain appropriate social etiquette while at the hotel, respect other guests and hotel staff, avoid loud noise, and do not smoke in public areas.

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1. Do hotel doors lock automatically?

Yes, some hotel doors can automatically lock. Electronic components control this type of lock mechanism. It can automatically unlock and lock when guests enter and exit the room. When the guest closes the door, the lock will automatically lock. It can only be opened using authorized methods such as a room keycard. This automatic locking mechanism improves the security of hotel rooms and the sense of security for guests. However, it is essential to note that not all hotels offer intuitive locking functionality, and the specific situation depends on the hotel’s facilities.

2. How to secure a hotel door latch?

Here are some methods to secure a hotel door latch:

  • Use a traditional latch: A traditional latch needs to be nailed on the door frame and can be secured on one side of the door using a hook. This latch type is easy to install; nail it onto the door frame using screws.
  • Use a door chain: A door chain is a device that can be attached to the door and allows you to keep a certain distance for safety while opening the door. It can prevent the door from being fully opened by unauthorized intruders from outside. A door chain is also a popular hotel security device.
  • Use an electronic door lock system: Modern hotels are typically equipped with electronic door lock systems. This type of lock can be unlocked using a password or a room card and automatically locks when the door is closed, securing the door latch.

3. How to use a key card to lock a hotel room?

Using a magnetic key, you can tell when the lock is in the set position: insert the card, turn the lock handle to the right, and if there is a collision or click sound, everything is ready. The card should be inserted halfway or in the slot. Another tip is to swipe the card multiple times; if it works for one of these slides, it may be set. It may take several attempts.

4. How can you tell if someone has entered your hotel room?

Here are several signs that may indicate that someone has entered your hotel room:

  • Foreign objects in the door keyhole: If you find foreign objects, such as keys, paper scraps, cotton balls, etc., in the door keyhole, it may indicate that someone has used illegal means to open your door.
  • Door lock damage: If you return to your hotel room and find that the door lock is damaged or there is an abnormal situation, such as the key cannot be inserted or rotated, it may be because someone has illegally entered your room.
  • Changes in room items: If you return to the room and find that things have moved or changed, such as the bedding being messy, the wardrobe door not in its original position, or the towel in the bathroom being moved, it may indicate that someone has entered your room.
  • Odors or foreign objects: If you smell odors or find foreign objects, such as cigarette butts, wine bottles, clothes, etc., in the room, it may indicate that someone has illegally entered your room.


In this article, we detailed how to use a hanger to lock a hotel door and listed other simple and effective techniques. Next time you travel or go on a business trip, you can use simple methods to provide a more comfortable and secure accommodation experience for yourself and your family.

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