About Us

Who are we?

AceMining is a brand producing a variety of products dedicated to safety and privacy protections. Since its founding, AceMining has launched portable door locks, door reinforcement locks, door security bars, and door stop alarms. AceMining’s vision is to provide users with powerful anti-theft and privacy protections, especially under the scenarios of traveling and living alone, allowing people to enjoy a more secure accommodation experience at home and on the go.

The story behind AceMining

The founder of AceMining is an engineer named Keene. In 2020, he was shocked by the experience of a female friend attacked and assulted by a stranger who broke into her home. According to the FBI’s 2020 Crime Statistics Report, there were 167,154 cases of burglary in the United States in 2020. According to data from the US Census Bureau, in 2020, there were approximately 121 million households in the United States. About 33.86 million were occupied by solo residents, with women accounting for 49.7% of solitary residents. Therefore, Keene decided to design a portable and safe door lock to protect the safety and privacy of lone residents, especially solitary female residents.

It’s just the beginning!

AceMining will continue to provide more secure and private products and services for women. We will continuously improve portable door locks to meet the changing needs of female users. At the same time, AceMining will carry out training and publicity activities to raise women’s awareness and understanding of safety and privacy issues and promote the realization of women’s rights and equality. AceMining will actively participate in the feminist movement to fight for more rights and equality for women.
In addition, AceMining also plans to expand its product line to provide more safety and privacy protection products for women. For example, AceMining plans to develop smart home devices to help women acquire a more intelligent, safe, and comfortable lifestyle at home. In addition, AceMining intends to cooperate with relevant organizations to provide training and support for women to improve their safety and privacy protection skills and better face life’s challenges.
As the brand develops, AceMining has also attracted more user groups. In addition to female users, male users have begun to use AceMining’s products because they are concerned about safety and privacy issues as well. In addition, AceMining’s products are also gradually being adopted by companies and schools to protect the safety and privacy of employees and students.
In the future, AceMining will continue to provide safety and privacy protection products and services covering various user groups, becoming the leading brand in this field and provide users with a more secure, free, and equal life experience.